<aside> 👀 Welcome! The PEEP Team is committed to creating better online meeting experiences. PEEP is a powerful collaboration tool that can overlay anywhere on your screen.

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💻  PEEP is a video conference tool that lets you experience seamless online meetings, and creates new multitasking and collaboration experiences.

👀 What is PEEP?

✔️ Freely move the Chat Heads

Having your face (or anyone else’s for that matter) displayed on a full screen during an online meeting may prove to be quite overwhelming. Imagine that you can adjust the size and location of the video feed however you like. Just simply adjust and move the chat head to anywhere on your screen and start multitasking with ease!

✔️ Add some diversity in your meeting with the shared canvas

Use the pen to write or draw on the shared screen for everyone to see. This can be especially helpful when trying to pinpoint an exact location on the screen or highlighting something that is important. You can input texts, timers, gifs, images, and any objects on the screen to help get your point across.

✔️ Multi-screen sharing

You don’t have to keep asking permission to share your screen. With PEEP, everyone in the meeting can share multiple screens at any time, making the meeting feel more engaging.

✔️ Overlay features makes gaming better too!

You can use the overlay feature to chat and draw while you’re gaming too. With the Input mode, you can use PEEP without interruption while playing your favorite game.

⁉️ How to use PEEP